Multi-Panel VS Single-Panel Drug Test Kits for Employee Drug Testing

Multi-Panel Drug Test VS Single-Panel Drug Test

Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits screen for more than one drug, while Single-Panel Drug Test Kits are only able to identify one substance in drug testing. Employee security at work is the responsibility of the employer. Making sure no drug-using employees are working there is one way to make the workplace safe. Efficient workplace drug testing […]

Pre-Employment Drug Testing: What is the Most Popular Workplace Drug Test and Why?

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has determined that most illegal substance users are employed. This is why it is no surprise that random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, and reasonable suspicion testing are routine in the workplace. However, the most commonly implemented drug testing practice is pre-employment drug testing. Enforcing a zero-tolerance workplace drug […]

Benefits of RSV Antigen Test Kits

RSV Testing

With the recent surge in cases among children and older adults in the United States, RSV antigen tests are an important aid for healthcare professionals to help patients & their families obtain appropriate care.

Adulterants in Drug Testing

Adulterants in Drug Testing

What are Adulterants in Drug Testing? Adulteration in urine drug tests is the manipulation of urine to produce a false negative result.

What Is on a 5 Panel Drug Test?

What Is On a 5 Panel Drug Test

A 5 Panel Drug Test is the most popular type of test in many workplace settings. Learn about the 5 most commonly tested substances.