Why Workplace Drug Testing Policies Matter

Workplace Drug Testing Policies

Why Workplace Drug Testing Policies Matter

Ensuring productivity and conducive work environments necessitates the implementation of an effective drug testing policy in all workplaces, yet some employers fail to do so.

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Workplace Drug Testing Policies are vital for a conducive and productive work environment. However, some employers may not have thought to implement a functioning and efficient drug testing policy.

Numerous studies have shown the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse by workers in the US which, consequently, affects productivity and performance. These negative effects include an increase in employee absenteeism, tardiness with regard to being present at work and correctly finishing work-related tasks.

Moreover, this lack in performance has significantly increased the costs of operating a company and the prices of products and services. Alcohol abuse results in an increased cost of 33-68 billion dollars each year in increased insurance, healthcare, and lowered productivity and attendance costs for companies in the United States.

Workplace Accidents and Compensation Claims

Drug and alcohol abuse is characterized by an inability to think clearly, and therefore, conducting oneself appropriately in the workplace. For this reason, employees that misuse substances are much more likely to make decisions that affect their own work quality and the company’s progress negatively.

However, drug and alcohol misuse doesn’t just harm the goals of the organizations that they work for, it directly effects the health and welfare of its employees. It accounts for  65% of on-the-job accidents and that 38% to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims .

Workplace Environment

Drug and alcohol abuse can also fracture the very fabric of workplace culture. Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol are less likely to work in meaningful workplace relationships. This affects both their ability to work in a team and in creating healthy and safe work environments.

This is because they are more prone to heavily rely on other people to get their work done, as a result of tardiness or lower efficiency. They are also more likely to engage in hostile behaviors such as sudden outbursts or mood swings.

The inappropriate behaviors don’t end here; alcohol and drug abuse also make it more likely for people to engage in offensive attitudes such as the use of slur-driven language and harassment, once again weakening the structure of the workplace at its core.

It is, then, not surprisingly, that workplaces with a high number of drug and alcohol misuse experience a much higher turnover than others. High turnover rates have many negative effects, including the financial situation of the whole enterprise.

Frequency of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

One may think that the situation cannot be so rampant as to necessitate vigorous Workplace Drug Testing Policies. Yet, disturbingly, ‘approximately 1 in every 11 workers in the US (9% of total workforce) struggled with a substance or alcohol use disorder in the past 12 months and male-dominated professions and businesses often have higher rates of alcohol-related problems than female-led ones, a substantial enough proportion to damage production.

Moreover, the absence of such an employee drug testing program leaves people with substance misuse disorder struggling to stay afloat in their own lives, often to tragic ends. Drug testing does not just save the cause of the company but helps individuals who need treatment and opens a road to recovery.

A comprehensive drug testing policy is very important for any workplace. Consult a legal professional regarding implementing one for your business. DrugTestKitUSA is here to help with convenient and affordable drug test kits. View our wide selection of drug tests below..


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Workplace Drug Testing Policies

Why Workplace Drug Testing Policies Matter

Ensuring productivity and conducive work environments necessitates the implementation of an effective drug testing policy in all workplaces, yet some employers fail to do so.

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