Multi-Panel VS Single-Panel Drug Test Kits for Employee Drug Testing

Multi-Panel Drug Test VS Single-Panel Drug Test

Multi-Panel VS Single-Panel Drug Test Kits for Employee Drug Testing

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Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits screen for more than one drug, while Single-Panel Drug Test Kits are only able to identify one substance in drug testing. Employee security at work is the responsibility of the employer. Making sure no drug-using employees are working there is one way to make the workplace safe. Efficient workplace drug testing policies lead to greater legal compliance, fewer workers’ compensation claims, and fewer business-related legal issues. Additionally, it strengthens the bond of trust between employees and employers.

Pre-employment drug testing, planned drug testing, and random drug testing are all options that employers have to assess employees for substance abuse (SAMHSA). However, what differentiates the various test panels is among the most frequently asked questions businesses have regarding drug testing for illegal substances. So, let’s address this query in our article below:

Single-Panel Drug Testing Kits

Single-Panel Drug Test Kits are used to identify one specific substance by analyzing a sample of the worker’s saliva or urine.

They are easy to use, inexpensive, and provide immediate results.

Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits

Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits can test for up to 14 distinct drugs, including multiple families of drugs. In addition, they can test a single sample for various drugs, like amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, opiates, and oxycodone.

These drug panels are available in various customized drug testing classes. The number of substances tested is shown in the panel number. For instance, a 6-panel drug test screens for six distinct drug types. Furthermore, a 6-panel drug test can have different configurations, or test for different kind of drugs.

The same reasoning holds for 5-panel, 10-panel, or 12-panel drug tests. Employers must ensure their methods for conducting drug tests and employee screening procedures adhere to their local screening regulations. Legal professionals are available for consultation about setting up a comprehensive drug testing policy.

Benefits of Various Drug Test Formats

Both single-panel and multi-panel test kits are used for drug testing purposes. Although for several reasons, multi-panel drug test cups are more popular. Because these kits come in a cup format, with the test card integrated into the cup, there is no need to touch the test sample. This is one if its greatest advantages. To find out the test result, simply check for a line to appear in the Test Region.

Cost and Effectiveness

Single drug tests can test for specific drugs of interest, especially if there is a history of a particular drug being used at the workplace.  However,  multi-panel kits efficiently test for more drugs,  to ensure that other drugs of potential concern are not being used. 

While multi-panel kits are more costly than single panels, testing for more than one substance makes them advantageous.  It is also important to note that the cost per test typically decreases in a multi-drug screen.

Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits thus have a distinct advantage over Single-Panel Kits.

Split Key Cup

The test sample is separated from the testing section of the cup until the key is inserted in multi-panel split cups. Split key cups help prevent tampering with the sample. The subject cannot pour water into the cup to get a negative result, then fill it with their urine afterward and hand it to the technician. They have to hand the cup over, and the testing will only begin once the key is inserted. This allows the employer to begin the test at their convenience. They can control the test duration and time to read the results without worrying about tampering. It also allows additional testing (if required) on the urine remaining in the main urine reservoir. It can be sent to a laboratory for a more precise follow-up after a non-negative result appears.

Adulteration Testing

Some test kits can spot tampering with test samples. For example, kits with adulteration detection strips can identify adulteration that results from adding an acid or a base (changing the pH), diluting the urine, adding Nitrite, etc.  This helps identify samples that may have been tampered with.

Last Words

Being aware of your choices as an employer when considering drug testing for your workforce is critical. A single-panel test kit should be adequate if you want to test for one specific substance. A multi-panel test is the best option if you want the peace of mind and ability to look for many drugs simultaneously. DrugTestKitUSA has a wide selection of single and multi-panel drug test kits. Feel free to view drug screening products here.

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