5-Panel VS 12-Panel Drug Tests: Which One Should You Get?

5-Panel VS 12-Panel Drug Tests

5-Panel VS 12-Panel Drug Tests: Which One Should You Get?

Learn about the benefits of 5-Panel VS 12-Panel Drug Tests. This article will help you decide which type of test fits best for your workplace.

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Taking the required steps to guarantee a drug-free workplace is a sensible decision for any company. Now, businesses can do this quickly and conveniently. Employers can easily and affordably find out if existing workers or job candidates are taking drugs.

These drug test kits can detect the use of illicit substances. This is crucial for creating a drug-free environment and, consequently, guaranteeing efficiency and safety within the workplace.

Most human resources managers utilize the conveniently accessible modern drug test kits for testing, and often consider implementing the 5-Panel vs 12-Panel Drug Test Cups. The following list of convenient benefits of these kits will help you keep a zero-tolerance workplace.

The 5-Panel Drug Test

Cannabis, cocaine, primary opiates, amphetamines, and PCP (angel dust) are the five most often used drug families included in this standard pre-employment panel drug test. Some drug test kits also screen for methamphetamine, morphine, or benzodiazepines in place of PCP (which is not used as often as the other drugs).

The 12-Panel Drug Test

The standard five substances are included in a 12-panel drug test. In addition to screening for those five basic drugs, the 12-panel usually detects MDMA (ecstasy), morphine, methadone, methamphetamine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and the opioid partial agonist buprenorphine. The 12-panel drug test cup with this configuration is available at DrugTestKitUSA.

Benefits of 5-Panel VS 12-Panel Drug Testing Kits at the Workplace

Drug Testing Can Help Increase Safety

Employees who abuse drugs risk harm to themselves, their colleagues, and the general public. Injury and even death can be brought on by inattention, a brief lack of reasoning, and bad decision-making. If a person operates heavy equipment or sharp instruments while impaired by prescription or illicit drugs, there is a greater chance of an accident at work.

Most accidents at work result from impairment by drugs or alcohol. Employee training, combined with a comprehensive drug testing policy, can promote a safer workplace by lowering accidents, illnesses, and workman’s compensation complaints.

In addition to discouraging active drug use, a drug testing policy aids companies in determining if employees involved in and accident at the workplace were under the influence of substances or alcohol. Urine samples are often tested as part of the procedure, also known as post-accident drug screening.  Only the “non-negative” samples are sent to the lab for confirmation testing.

Increased Output

Making sure that no drugs are used at work will ensure your company’s financial prosperity. Drug test cups make it easier to assess a potential employee’s compatibility. Human resource managers can exclude candidates with substance abuse problems with the use of testing. Higher productivity and performance result from having a drug-free workforce. Workplace accidents, theft and absenteeism are commonly due to drug and alcohol misuse.

Employees’ workplace satisfaction is also influenced by working in a setting that is assured to be drug-free. They may feel more at ease knowing they are working in a secure environment and that others are doing their share of the workload.

Business and Public Perception

Noticeably inebriated employees can affect a professional image in public and within a sector. Therefore, companies can reduce the possibility of public relations problems by adopting drug-free practices.

Fewer candidates will give positive results for various substances once you adopt pre-employment drug testing alone. In addition, drug abusers are far less inclined to consider applying to your company once they discover you undertake applicant drug testing.

Beneficial for Workers’ Health

Even casual drug use can harm health. Short-term side effects might include dangerous increases in blood pressure and heart rate, sleeplessness, reduced appetite, stroke, overdose, and death, depending on the medications taken, the user’s condition, how much and how frequently they use, and other circumstances. Heart or lung disease, cancers, psychiatric illness, hepatitis, addiction, and other conditions are only a few potential long-term repercussions.

The introduction of workplace drug testing directly discourages employee drug usage. In addition, drug testing can enhance employee wellness by identifying workers who need assistance to overcome substance misuse issues and help them get treatment.

Show Staff That You Care About Them

Drug test kits successfully illegally abused drugs that have crossed the threshold for safety. Many businesses are prepared to support their staff members through difficult times.

Non-user professionals like working in a drug-free workplace. Having a drug-free environment also shows that you have a stake in everyone’s health and safety, including clients and the wider public.

When positive interactions take place at work, management and staff collaborate to achieve common objectives. One of the most significant ways to foster such connections is through a drug-free workplace.

Should I Get the 5-Panel or the 12-Panel Drug Test

Both of these drug test kits are good options as part of a comprehensive drug testing policy. The benefit of a 12-panel test is that there are more substances in the screening. Generally, the 12-panel will cost a little bit more than the 5-panel due to an extended menu – but not significantly more.

The 12-panel test is a more comprehensive solution to any employer’s drug testing policy.

Conclusion: 5-Panel VS 12-Panel

There is a clear link between workplace drug abuse and theft, violence, and unhealthy relationships among employees. A drug-free workplace has several advantages above its costs. Now that multi-panel drug testing kits are available, and it is feasible to identify a wide variety of substances, the complications of setting up a drug-free workplace have decreased.

It’s advised to consult with a legal professional regarding the laws in your area. Once the policy is in place, DrugTestKitUSA offers a variety of drug test kits. Feel free to view our drug test cups here.

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