NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System -25/Box


Price per unit: $4.32

Product Description

The NeoSal oral fluid collection system is designed for maximum ease-of-use at both the collection site and testing laboratory. The NeoSal utilizes a proprietary buffer solution for improved drug recovery and long-term sample stability.

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NeoSal Advantages:

  • Built-in Sample Volume Adequacy Indicator (SVAI)
  • Stimulant-Free collection pad
  • Unique collector handle remains separate from buffer solution – reducing risk of contamination and forming a leak-proof seal for long term storage
  • Simplified sample preparation, no sample plungers, centrifuges or additional sample tubes required – sample is ready for processing directly from the buffer tube
  • Automation-Friendly buffer tube (12 X 75 nm)
  • Proprietary buffer is compatible with LC/MS
  • Quick collection, typically 1-2 minutes

NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System (For Forensic Use Only) Includes:

NeoSal Oral Fluid Collection System- 25 pack

Buffer Tube Caps-25 pack


SKU: DTK-307001

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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