INTOXILYZER 800 – Handheld Alcohol Breath Tester


Price per unit: $579.00

Product Description

The Intoxilyzer 800 Handheld Alcohol Breath Tester utilizes the industry’s only safe and sanitary side exhaust system minimizing the operator’s exposure to exhaled breath. A large bright multi-color display, straightforward menu, and positive grip design make the I-800 effortless to use while maintaining control of any situation.


Intoxilyzer 800 is a handheld alcohol breath tester utilizes the industry’s only sanitary side exhaust system that minimizes the operator’s exposure to exhaled breath.  The I-800 is effortless to use thanks to its large bright multi-color display, straightforward menu, and positive grip design.

Dimensions: 6.5” high x 3.0” deep x 2.0” wide
Weight: 5 oz. with batteries installed
Power supply: Two “AA” alkaline batteries (included)

Intoxilyzer 800 works within five seconds of sampling, depending on alcohol concentration. Results of the last 5 tests are stored in memory. The alcohol breath tester comes with a start up guide, 10 mouthpieces, sampling cup, 2 AA batteries, and 1 wrist lanyard to make it portable and easy to carry. No regular calibration checks or calibration adjustments needed. Mouthpieces are available here.

Features and Benefits

  • Sanitary Side Exhaust
  • Evidential grade sampling system
  • Large bright multicolor display
  • Mouthpiece detection
  • Mouthpiece proper fit indicator
  • On screen battery meter
  • Internal temperature displayed
  • Intuitive menu
  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Light
  • Automatic sampling
  • Last 5 test storage
  • Fast, easy testing sequence
  • Right and left hand
  • Quick instrument recovery time allows for testing to be done on several people within a short time
  • Portable for testing anywhere. No external electrical supply or battery chargers are needed.
  • Fuel cell sensor is accurate and reacts only to ethanol
  • Multiple magnets for stable placement on steel surface
  • DOT/NHTSA approved

ref: DS800i

Detectable Drugs Abbreviation Quantitative Measurement
Breath Alcohol BAC Meets DOT specifications of +-.005 BAC up to .100 BAC and +-5% above .100 BAC

These are only guidelines as the times can vary significantly from these estimates, based on how long the person has been taking the drug, the amount of drug they use, or the person’s metabolism.

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Information about DOT employee testing can be found here.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in