DABIT™ Drugs of Abuse Identification Test: Opium Alkaloids


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The DABIT™ Drugs of Abuse Identification Test: Opium Alkaloids is a confirmatory test for differentiation between Heroin and Morphine.   DABIT™ tests use chemicals (or reagents) that comply with The National Institute of Justice, Standard—0605.00, Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse, developed by the Law Enforcement Standards Laboratory of the National Bureau of Standards.

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DABIT™ Drugs of Abuse Identification Test: Opium Alkaloids. DABIT™ may be the quickest and simplest drug test kit on the market. It’s easy to use and the design aids in sample collection so there’s no more scooping of powders or materials and trying to get it into a plastic bag. DABIT™ has a very sticky tip that collects the sample and also acts are the reaction area for the easy-to-see color change.

The DABIT™ kits make it easy to get a sample, even when only a dusting of material is available.

This Opium Alkaloids test is meant to differentiate between Heroin and Morphine.

Kit Contents

Each kit includes 10 DABIT™ tests and includes the neutralizer.


  1. Dab or rub the suspect material or residue.
  2. Drop back into its tube and squeeze the tube.
  3. A color match indicates a positive.

The officer-friendly DABIT™ can even be used on residue that would otherwise be almost impossible to collect if using another type of presumptive test kit – the user doesn’t have to worry about gusts of wind either – DABIT™ holds the sample firmly in place until it can be tested.

Features and Benefits

  • DABIT™ Series: cocaine, opiates, crack, marijuana, general screening, LSD, methamphetamine, etc.
  • Color-coded result – broad range of drugs identified
  • Officer-friendly – improves ease of collection dramatically and color is easy to see against the white sample tip
  • Clean & Simple
  • Easy sample and residue collection
  • Long shelf-life: 2 years under severe storage conditions

ref: DABIT-009-BX


Product Information Sheet

Learn more about Opiate Abuse at DrugAbuse.gov.

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