ALCO Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test- DOT Approved


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ALCO-Screen 02™ Saliva Alcohol Test is a qualitative screening test used to detect the presence of ethyl alcohol in human saliva. The test detects relative blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) greater than or equal to 0.02%. Results are used for the diagnosis of alcohol intoxication. For in-vitro diagnostic use. This Alcohol Screening Device is authorized by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and it is a cost-effective way to conduct DOT breath alcohol screening tests. The assay is a disposable test for one-time use. FDA-Cleared and CLIA-Waived!

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The Alco-Screen 02 Saliva Alcohol Test is intended for use as a rapid method to positively identify the presence of alcohol in saliva for blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) greater than 0.02%. It requires no special training provided that the instructions in the insert are followed carefully.

The Alco-Screen 02  Test is the simplest, most cost effective method of checking for alcohol consumption in a DOT Zero Tolerance testing environment. The zero tolerance level for federally mandated DOT testing programs is .02% blood alcohol content (BAC). The Alco-Screen 02 uses this zero tolerance level (.02% BAC) as the detection level set point for the test strip resulting in the simplest method of test administration and interpretation. Furthermore, alcohol detection using a saliva sample can be more sensitive and accurate compared to breath tests.

Features and Benefits

●Four-minute saliva test for alcohol
●Dipstick format
●Intended for use to identify persons with blood alcohol concentrations greater than 0.02%
●Distinct colored-line result at 0.02% cutoff
●Stores at room temperature
●Economic and convenient
●D.O.T Approved

ALCO-Screen-02 D.O.T Alcohol Test Uses:

  • D.O.T mandated testing
  • Workplace testing
  • Alcohol treatment programs
  • Criminal justice testing
  • Emergency room admission testing
  • Over the counter use

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Information about DOT Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies can be found here.

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