Accutest Urine Adulteration Detection Strips – 25/Box (CR / NIT / GLUT / pH / SG / OXI / PCC)


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Product Description

A rapid screening test for the simultaneous detection of Creatinine, Nitrite, Glutaraldehyde, pH, Specific Gravity, and Oxidants/Pyridinium Chlorochromate (PCC) in human urine. The Specimen Validity Test (S.V.T.) is a semi quantitative, color comparison screen for the detection of creatinine, nitrite, glutaraldehyde, pH, specific gravity, and oxidants/pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) in human urine. This test provides a preliminary screen only. A more specific alternate chemical method must be used in order to obtain a confirmed analytical result. Abnormal results should be sent to a laboratory for confirmation.

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Features and Benefits

●Up to 24 month shelf life
●Up to 99% accurate
●Results in 5 minutes or less
●No reagents needed
●FDA 510 (K) Exempt

ref: DS78

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