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Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate Withdrawal

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The use of prescription medication is used by nearly half of all Americans in the United States. The use of opioids increases the possibility for prolonged use, misuse and abuse. After the body becomes physically dependent on the prescribed medication and the patient wants to discontinue use of opioid, the body goes through a withdrawal stage. The withdrawal process is not comfortable since opiates reduce the perception of pain, thus making it physically painful for the addict to discontinue the use of the drug. Withdrawal can also be dangerous if the addict relapses after detoxing from drug abuse because the body’s tolerance decreases during treatment. The intolerance of the same amount of drug can lead to an overdose and death. Recovering addicts can go through physical aches, pains and mood changes, which may take anywhere from a few days to a few months to feel normal, depending on what drug was taken, how long it was taken for and how it was consumed. It is strongly recommended that addicts seeking treatment see a medical professional for assistance in quitting to ensure the process of detoxing is done properly.

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