Advantages of Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is becoming more commonplace. Workplace drug testing has been practiced for many years, yet it can be a contentious topic for many companies. Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing is not required in all sectors; nonetheless, more organizations are being cautious in safeguarding their workers by instituting drug and […]

California Legalizes Marijuana: What Does This Mean for The Employer?

Legalizing Marijuana

How Does Legal Marijuana Affect the Employer? The Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, more commonly known as Prop 64, was passed by voters back in November of 2016 and has now come into effect beginning this year. This allows for the legalized purchase, possession and use of marijuana for recreational purposes. […]

Failing Pre-Employment Drug Testing

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With a growing economy, low unemployment rate and thousands of new jobs being created, manufacturing companies are being hit by potential employees failing pre-employment drug tests. The abuse of opioids and growing use of marijuana has resulted to half of applicants in the upper-Midwest failing their drug tests. Companies like Columbiana Boiler in Ohio are […]